Consideration Lists

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Cover sheet

Sheet index, associated drawing index and model drawing index

Overview plan


Typical cross sections

Typical pavement edge details

Retaining wall details

Survey feature legend

Survey and alignment control plans

Detail plans

Longitudinal sections

Kerb profiles

Retaining wall profiles

Alignment setout plans

Alignment schedules

Kerb setout plans

Kerb setout schedules

Utility plans

Utility profiles

Drainage and utilities plans

Drainage profiles

Drainage pit schedule

Drainage pipe schedule

Subsurface drainage plans

Erosion and sedimentation control plans

Sedimentation basin plans

Sedimentation basin schedules

Pavement details

Pavement plans

Isopacyte contour pavement plans

Roadside furniture and linemarking plans

Cross Sections

Other drawing types (often included in other locations to the drawing set of sheets)

Vehicle turnpath plans

Property acquisition plans

Property Adjustment plans

Construction staging plans