Learning warehouse

There are many resources on the internet that make it easy to pick up some skills, even highly technical ones. Below are some organisations who provide information free of charge:

  • The EDX runs web based university courses from a range of different universities around the world. The site is free and you can take any course. A small fee is paid if you wish to be recognised for having successfully completed a coursee.
  •  Massachusetts Institute of Technology run MITSOPENCOURSEWARE. This website has university level courses for many different disciplines.
  • OpenLearning Australia has the Open 2 Study website which has information designed to provide a participant with a basic background on a topic. This background is aimed at helping a participant obtain a basic understanding of a topic before investing a substantial amount of their time and money on a specific career path.


TurboCAD Tutorials

The following will provide information on how to use TurboCAD: