Building experience

When building experience you can either:

  • work through the experience and have improved skills, or at least be focused on obtaining relevant skills; or
  • work through the experience and take nothing from it
  • already have the skills that are necessary to cope with that experience;

Combining technical experience with technical skills will take your abilities to the next level. Anyone can have technical skills, for example having read Austroads Guide to Road Design, and being able to use design packages such as MX. But it is the experience that enables a road designer to understand how to utilise the skills within unique real world situations. The rules do not always works, or the rules may not always cover the real world situation. This may be because the situation comes up infrequently, or that the situation has never occurred before.

The reality is that in order to be a good road designer you will need to have several years experience along with holding the necessary skills. In fact it is not necessarily dependent on the length of time you have experienced road design but the level of understanding and ability to meet multiple project constraints while ensuring the rules that have a critical significance are upheld. This goes for any technical professional.