Building skills

Building skills is the first key step in developing members of your team. You must give your team members the necessary skills they need to understand and deal with experiences that they will need to deal with. For example, you must give your team members appropriate work health and safety training before you send them out into the field. 




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Building experience

Once you have skills you can then apply these skills in a practical way. Every time you experience an event you are able to build up a cumulative understanding of the world around you. It also helps you to solve problems that you encounter. At the start you rely on your mentors to guide you through the solving of problems. As you gain more experience you can begin to solve the problems yourself. Eventually you migrate to a point where you are able to mentor others.


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Building leaders

Leadership can occur at any time when a person or people influences a person or people to undertake an action. But a leader is nothing without an appropriate adjective. Good, bad, poor, etc. Most people want to be a great leader. But there are many leadership types such as charismatic, influential, authoritarian, etc. Over their leadership lifetime and throughout their interaction with others, leaders can migrate and piece together different components from different leadership styles to make their own unique variation.

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